Arrest outside White House as lawmakers debate protests

Written on:October 9, 2011
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Washington (CNN) — Politicians fought Sunday to cast the ongoing Wall Street protests in a very different light, with two GOP presidential candidates calling them “class warfare” and two prominent Democrats expressing support for the protesters’ message.

As lawmakers took to the political talk shows, a crowd of about 100 people protested outside the White House, part of a wave of protests spreading nationwide inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Secret Service said one person was arrested and will be charged with assault on a police officer after throwing a shoe at a uniformed officer.

Lisa Simeone, one of the protest organizers, said the man was trying to throw his shoe over the fence of the White House but missed.

Most of those taking part carried an anti-war message — something that has happened in other cities as well. Several carried signs asking President Obama to join them for a “beer summit.”

Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, who visited a protest Saturday in Atlanta, told CNN Sunday that the protesters “want to be heard.”

“And at the same time they want to speak to America, speak to people in power, to officials of the American government but also to the business community, especially Wall Street, to corporate America, to bankers. They’re saying, in effect, that we bailed out Wall Street and now it’s time for Wall Street and corporate America to help bail out the American people.

“People are hurting. They’re in pain and they’re looking for jobs. They want us to humanize the American government but also humanize corporate America.”


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